Nutrience Natural & Grain Free Pet Foods – Good Food for a Good Cause

Nutrience dog food.

A happy Nutrience Client

I recently tried feeding my dog Nutrience Natural dog food thanks to participation in a Bzz Agent campaign.  I received a coupon for a free bag of dog food, along with two smaller sample bags.  My black lab is older, with some joint and stomach issues, so I was eager to try her on a new food that had only natural ingredients that I knew were good for her.  Reading through the information on Nutrience and the label on the bag I felt certain that this was a good and healthy choice for my furball.

When the samples arrived she eagerly sniffed the small bags and I, almost as eagerly, opened one up and gave her some to try.  Much to my dismay she picked up a kibble, played with it a bit, then spat it out.  It turns out that her sensitive tummy didn’t want to try a new food.  I did; however, manage to give the samples to friends who raved over the food.  Apparently my colleague’s Boston Terrier couldn’t get enough of the Grain Free sample and ended up with his head shoved in the bag in search of more crumbs to lick up!

Either way, from the information I’ve seen and the reviews of the friends whose dogs did eat the food I can say with certainty that Nutrience is a brand that I trust and that I would consider buying in the future, though for a younger dog who is less set in her ways than my pup!

Despite my dog’s disinterest in the food I was still left with a coupon for a full size bag of Nutrience.  Given the quality of the food and the reactions from my friend’s pets I knew exactly what to do with that coupon.  I happily went to my local pet store, picked out a bag of great quality Nutrience food, paid only the taxes, and then drove to my local animal shelter.  They were shocked at the donation of such a quality food and said that they rarely receive food that is truly nutritious for their dogs, but when I explained they were even more amazed.  They could not believe that a company would still provide a free bag of food, even when the tester’s own dog wouldn’t eat it.  I told them that it simply spoke to the dedication of the company to the health of animals everywhere.

So, thanks Nutrience!  My Echo (my dog) may not have wanted to try a new food, but thanks to this BzzAgent campaign there are some very well fed dogs in my local shelter, and on behalf of all of their furry little hearts, I thank you and I look forward to trying this quality food with more dogs in the future.


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